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Welcome to Freedom Life Planning. I started this website to help people achieve success in their financial goals, through proper financial planning and investing. Learn about index investing, ETFs, personal finance, early retirement and much more. If you are a new reader of this website, there are a few ways to find what you are looking for.

First off, you can browse the homepage for the latest articles, or search for them through the article categories menu.

If you are looking for a recommendation on a good place to start, you can start with the articles down below. If this website was a book, with a chronological order to it, these articles  would be the first few chapters. For something more specific, type your keyword into the search box.

Regardless of your financial goals, whether that is early retirement, buying a home or saving for your children’s education, these core articles will help you build a foundation of financial knowledge to achieve them.

There is a lot of bad advice in the financial industry, especially when many financial advisers are motivated by the banks that pay them and are pushing them to sell their own products above other things. Building a core knowledge of basic personal finance and investing, having a clear plan designed exactly for you, will put you ahead of most other people.

So I hope you enjoy the articles below and that they help you expand your financial knowledge, feel free to add your comments or questions below each article.

Core Personal Finance Articles

  1. Making a Plan
  2. How to Make a Budget
  3. Getting out of Debt
  4. Spending Effectively Part I
  5. Spending Effectively Part II

Core Investing Knowledge Articles

  1. Getting Started with Investing
  2. Understanding Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and ETFs
  3. Asset Mix: Stocks vs Bonds
  4. Index Fund Investing
  5. The Perfect ETF Portfolio
Once you have finished building your core financial knowledge, a list of all Articles can be found by clicking here.

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