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Recommended Books

Knowledge is the key to success and everyone should always keep learning throughout life. While the internet is an excellent source of information to expanding your knowledge on financial topics, sometimes there is no substitute for a great book. Books are organized into a sequential package with the information delivered in a logical format. Reading a good informational book is almost like taking a course in many circumstances. Below are the books that I recommend to help you further expand your knowledge on topics touched on this website:


An excellent starting point to learn the fundamentals of investing. This book teaches the principles of value investing and diversification. Helps the new investor build a solid foundation. Once you have a solid foundation, the logic behind the newer concepts in today’s investing world will be easier to understand and follow.


A good resource to build a strong financial plan. Does not require a high salary to build wealth and this book explains how.


A great book on index investing. This passive strategy is one of the safest and most proven ways to build wealth. Throughout this site, I regularly talk about index investing and the best way to invest.

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